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    All your answers are in here
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    Happy to join the forum!
    Good job, colleagues
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    Change your name rookie!
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    I started at UPS in Frederick, MD back in September. I was wondering if anyone knows what local I am a member of or any points of contact for it. Our steward is out on disability and HR is worthless for the most part. This union work is new to me and to be honest so far at our location I don't see the point of them. Thanks.
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    Ask mom to google Teamster locals Fredricksburg MD for you
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    Thanks for the sarcasm. But I am not quite a kid-just no union work before and local 992 comes up for Washington county not Frederick so wasn't sure if they represented both. Google fredericksburg, MD doesn't do me any good since Fredericksburg is in VA
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    I grew up in Frederick Maryland!!!! Old bay for life son!
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    Maybe you could call the phone number tell them where you work and ask if this is the right local and if not could you direct me to the right local

    why is it so hard to talk with someone on the phone
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    Who works at UPS for 6 months and doesnt know their local?
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    Nobody said it was. Was actually referred to this site-somebody thought I could get a quick answer here. I sent a message and left message already but with no answer back yet. Thanks for the idea tho.
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    Apparently this guy. Didn't have a reason to know it. What kind of company provides you with a union job but not the information on the union? And what kind of union let's that happen? I am figuring out that's how this s--t show works.
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    you catch on quick
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    Maybe 639. Give them a call to confirm.
  14. It's not the companies responsibility it's the unions.