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    Like I said hopefully it works out but just be prepared for them to say yeah you were seasonal maybe you’d like to come back as part time in a few months.
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    Thanks, got it. Start tomorrow, finally got call. Working with supervisor tomorrow on road! Cant wait! Pumped up! God is good!
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    So just did 2 days and route is downtown with hills. Let me tell you something, I'm very soar, but like what I see so far. Its definitely a hustle job, respect to all the men and women that do this every day! It's no joke! I have a bigger respect now on what a UPS Driver goes through!
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    What app do you use to check your hours and stuff like that?
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    San Francisco center specific question - Is there employee parking, and if so, is it open to all employees, or is there some sort of hierarchy?

    Not an employee yet, but not gonna apply for that location if I have to park at dark-o-clock AND have to worry about the bums in the area having an orgy in my car's backseat.

    Tried searching here and googling, but couldn't find any info, aside from seeing a lot on the roof, and possibly a small-ish fenced lot across the street, under the freeway.
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    Take the bus
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    I like how I was hired as seasonal helper with an $80/week incentive “perfect attendance” for the week. 1 week in and now I’m told sorry, that was too expensive so now it’s $1.25/ raise instead. Too bad I’m only getting 3 hours a day as that $80 per week boosted my hourly rate lmao. Is this what I can expect if hired after the peak season?
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    No, it gets worse

    Way worse
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    Especially if he's good enough to get hired.
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    Damn. And my driver says he is putting in a good word for me. I think I’ll tell him tomorrow to keep quiet instead lol
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    We always said that.

    Had to give helpers false hope to keep them coming back.
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    Roflmao. I’ll keep that in mind next time he tries buttering me up lol
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    Colorado area question. Was hired as a seasonal driver . Are we guaranteed 8 hrs? Also, heard that there is a 250 bonus. How does that work?
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    Hello. Could you please assist me in logging on to myupsers and registering the first time? Thank you.
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    1. Enter your 7-digit User ID in the User ID field.

    * Your User ID is also known as your Employee ID. This is the 7-digit number located on your paycheck or pay stub. (If your paycheck or pay stub has a 9-digit number, drop the two leading zeros.)

    * If you are unsure of your User ID, please contact your Human Resources representative.

    2. Enter your PIN or password in the Password field.

    Your PIN/Password, which is case sensitive, is derived as follows:

    > The first two letters or characters of your last name (lower case)

    > The last four numbers of your User ID
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    Hello, I'm a new seasonal hire at UPS for the preload and I'd like to know what time they usually start. The job information said 4:00am-5:00am start times, which I can do fine, but when I went to the interview the guy said start time for this week were at 1:00am-2:00am. I'm not sure I can that as I have finals to study for. Is that an unusual week or is that usual start times during this season? Thanks.
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    Thank you very much!
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    Study for your finals

    Show up when you can
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    In my hub start times for the preload is anywhere from midnight-5am, however it’s usually between 2:30-4:30am. End Time is around 9-10:30am. It has fluctuated all year.