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    It does sound like she's being considered for one of these 22.4 positions as they told her the work week is Tues - Sat. What are the major differences between the 22.4 and a RPCD?
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    The major differences are lower pay for the same job, no protections against unwanted OT, and the certainty of working the weekends since UPS will be a 7 day operation after peak this year. And, of course, it's a combo job -- which means inside work as well as driving, but most people here expect 22.4s will be driving almost exclusively, e.g., the position is part of a longer-term strategy to undermine the pay of RPCDs.

    Tues-Sat doesn't necessarily mean they're ushering her into 22.4. Most of the newer RPCDs in my center are Tues-Sat.
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    They had her back in today to get her docs (CDL, Med card, etc). Set her up for a road test with a clutch on Monday. I think they even set her up with a school date for the EOM!
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    Hi all..

    Had a first interview with HR, and also a second with a supervisor at our Spokane airport UPS warehouse/hanger. Apparently they are gearing up to start training and employing people for a Sept 15th start date kicking off a massive expansion..

    Both interviews went excellent, and feel that likely will get the job.. Which is part time loading/unloading, 4:00 am to 8:00 am. Sounds like it could be at least a couple weeks before I hear from HR though.. Then a training period so all us new hires know our jobs ahead of time for the Sept 15th expansion start date.

    Feeling good about the job ! :wink2:
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    Ok. Her road test is on Tuesday. Even though she knows how to drive a clutch she is leery about driving a package car. She's worried it's just to "weed" her out even though they said they have only three manuals in station. Told her to not worry about it and not hit anything :)
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    Thanks. I'm sure she'll know soon enough. They do seem to be moving very quickly to qualify her and bring her on-board.
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    Even if they're classifying her as a 22.4, once she qualifies and accrues enough seniority, she could win a bid and become an RPCD.
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    Just an update: She passed her road test Tuesday. She continued computer based training since. She got uniforms this morning and is going on a ride along this afternoon.
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    Expect those hours to vary with preload shift, and don’t expect much “training”. You’ll learn most of the job from other loaders or asking Driver’s their preferences.

    Good luck. Scroll this thread for tons of advice.
  10. Can't lie to you and tell you it's going to get better.

    Are you in the union yet?
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    No not yet close to making it though. Now see they expect me to get better and some guys do have it better and get help. It would be great if they didnt have this unrealistic expectation of me
  12. They have unrealistic expectations of everyone

    Welcome to UPS

    Right @MyTripisCut ?
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    We are about to DQ a fourth driver in four weeks. All under age of 25. Lmao, if the companies plan is to rely on 40 and 50 yr olds, we are :censored2:ed!
  14. Same here. Either they quit or have a fender bender and get DQ

    It's going to be a bad peak.
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    Posted 22.4 jobs two days ago. Four centers. Not one signed. Lmao.
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    Sure hope I do not have similar experience as you .. I am actually a bit excited about starting. I have somewhat of an idea what the work may be like as I lumped moving trucks last year part time. Not for the light hearted.

    Since I do not have hands on experience with UPS yet, I can not really comment or tell you it will get better for you.. But I sure wish you well..

    What does "stacked out" mean ?
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    when the packages are place outside the truck usually about shoulder height.
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    What is the major reason why they quit?

    Yeah, I post for information for my girlfriend who just got started at UPS but I do P&D for FXF and, hell, I wouldn't do what you guys do :) Just trying to make sure she succeeds.
  20. They want too much and the younger generation isn't willing to put the time in.

    No :censored2:ing work ethic at all. Give me everything right now. I worked 3 days, don't I deserve a sick dày or 3?